Coursework on Tourism

Coursework on TourismAs tourism industry has been prospering over the last few decades, writing a tourism coursework acquired much significance. The task of writing a courseworks on tourism may turn both interesting and challenging if properly organized.
In most cases this is the student’s decision what problem to investigate. One may also consult the professor about his or her topic being appropriate. As a rule, the student selects such a problem for the tourism coursework which he/she finds important for the future career in tourism sphere. Our advice is to choose such a topic which appears interesting and capturing both for the writer and the reader. When someone is involved in the writing process, his/her language flows, when involved in reading, time spins away.
We offer you to investigate one of the following issues:
The history of tourism;
Pilgrimage as the origin for European tourism;
The eighteenth century as the date-birth of health tourism;
United Kingdom as the birthplace of leisure travel;
Winter tourism versus summer tourism;
Mass tourism as a result of technology improvements;
Recent developments in tourism;
The World Tourism Organization’s activity.
One may also find challenging to study one of the types of niche tourism which has become now extremely popular within people caring about their leisure:
Sports-oriented niche tourism includes adventure tourism, backpacker tourism and sport travel;
Learning-oriented niche tourism includes audio tourism, creative tourism, educational tourism, ancestry tourism and hobby tourism;
Lifestyle-oriented niche tourism embraces gay tourism, wine tourism, health tourism, medical tourism and inclusive tourism.
There also exist many other types of niche tourism, such as armchair tourism, dark tourism, drug tourism, perpetual tourism, shopping tourism, space tourism, etc. You may pick up any of the types and study it in your coursework on tourism. Make sure your writing process is not only useful for the industry development, but gives you an opportunity to write with pleasure!
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