Chicago Style Research Paper

Chicago Style Research PaperWriting a Chicago style research paper requires adhering to the writing format presented in the Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and Chicago Manual of Style. The guidelines proposed below present some basic instructions to follow when writing a Chicago style research paper.
Chicago Style Research Paper: Format
Consult your instructor on his or her requirements to your paper;
Use 1 inch margins on each side;
Double space all the text, except block quotations (they are single-spaced and four spaces indented);
Single space the footnotes, endnotes and references;
Write a title page of research paper: include here the name of your school, the full title of your paper, the course/class information, your name and the date of submission;
Start pagination from the second page, place page numbers in the upper right corner.
Chicago Style Research Paper: Citations
There are two forms of citations according to Chicago style:
Parenthetical notations with a Work Cited page at the end of the paper;
Footnotes and endnotes with a bibliography.
We want you to ask your professor which type of citation he or she requires.
Chicago Style Research Paper: Footnotes/Endnotes
The difference between footnotes and endnotes is rooted in the place of the reference information. Footnotes contain the reference information at the bottom of the page, while endnotes contain it at the end of the body of the text, before the bibliography page. To use both footnotes and endnotes one should place a superscripted number after the cited material. This will refer the reader to the corresponding number in the footnotes or endnotes. There the full citation can be found. When cited for the first time, footnotes and endnotes include complete bibliographic information.
Chicago Style Research Paper: References
The list of references is placed at the end of the research paper, on a separate page. It is titled either “Bibliography,” or “References,” or “Works Cited”. The references are arranged in the alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Good luck with your Chicago style research paper!
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