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Business CourseworkThough business coursework remains an optional element of A-level courses, those few who were assigned to write it have some difficulties with accomplishing the task. This article is aimed at helping you to get an idea of writing a business coursework.
Business Coursework: What Should I Start With?
Start with analyzing the question. You will include the most significant information in the introductory part of your business coursework. You will state the question, reasons of investigating it and specify methods of collecting information.
Business Coursework: Topics
The most common area for business coursework investigation is analyzing the specific product, service or company. You may also study one of the following problems:
Business advertising;
Ethics in business;
Human resource management;
Global business;
Finance and accounting;
Improving productivity in the workplace.
Business Coursework: Managing the Resources
Collect primary and secondary information on your problem. The best source of information is the company which your research is written about. Consult the expert of the company to get as much information as possible. Gather some information due to questionnaires, interviews, surveys, or observations. Make your notes clear and precise while arranging the information. Present it in the form of graphs and tables.
Business Coursework: Writing Tips
Contact small companies (larger ones may not have the local information you need, moreover, small companies may turn more willing to share the data with you);
Keep the title simple, check its appropriateness with the professor;
Choose a topic which may be sufficiently supported by the sources;
Be selective with the information – use only reliable and exact facts, data, summaries, etc.;
Mind clear and logical presentation of the results.
Business Coursework: Marking Criteria
General and specific knowledge of the subject;
Application of appropriate methods;
Substantial analysis of evidence;
The project’s structure;
Quality of language.
Good luck on your business coursework!
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