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Food Coursework WritingDescription: the article outlines the main purposes of food coursework, the stages of working over the paper and suggests possible problems for investigation.
Food coursework is a common assignment for those seeking for Food Management degree. As a rule, food coursework writing is aimed at developing the students’ desire to work in the food industry and to put their knowledge into practice. Food coursework deals with food purchasing, food production, and planning. This article offers you some useful tips on writing courseworks and writing a food coursework, which definitely deserve your attention:
Food Courseworks: Writing Process
Task analysis – at this stage you should compose a brief outline and find out what information is needed for research and ways of gathering the needed research sources. You will also have to work out certain criteria to evaluate the sources used in the food coursework;
Research gathering – all possible resources helpful for the research are used, such as text books, magazines, surveys on food, health service information, etc.
Analysis of research – here you should give a detailed analysis of the research: state the purpose of it, methodology is to be used also, possible difficulties and ways of fighting them.
The very writing process – you are to show all your knowledge on the subject and writing skills to present the research in the best way.
Note that if your food coursework includes a practical part, most likely it will offer the following information: recipes, methods, pricing, the product specifications, components, relevant social and environmental issues, sensory analysis, nutritional analysis and general evaluation.
Food Coursework: Possible Topics
Food systems management;
Design and development of new food products;
Strategies for quality control;
Basic components of food;
Prepared consumer foods;
Food packaging;
Food fermentations;
Food biotechnology;
Food business;
Food quality, safety and toxicology;
Food processing;
Functional foods and disease prevention;
Diet and health.
The problems proposed above are too vague and need further specification according to the aspect of the investigation chosen. Our advice is to choose a topic for your food courseworks that leaves an opportunity for further development, for you never know where your life leads you.
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