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Chaucer EssaysGeoffrey Chaucer was a great English poet of medieval period. Chaucer played a significant role in English literature. The most famous of his works is considered to be The Canterbury Tales.
Chaucer essays topics: Biographical
There is a great variety of topics can be chosen for Chaucer essay.
Chaucer essay could be devoted to the biography of the poet. It could be ordinary exposition of generally known facts of Chaucer’s life. In this case you will write that the date of Chaucer’s birth is not fixed. It is considered that Chaucer was born between 1339 and 1446 in London, England. He went to the Hundred Year’s War between England and France in 1359-1360 as a valet. He had a wife, Phillipa Pan, and two sons, Thomas and Lewis. You simply add other facts of Chaucer’s life.
Chaucer essay can also contain some interesting, unusual and unknown biographical facts. For example, you can say that during his serving in the military, Chaucer was captured and ransomed for 16 pounds, or anything else of this kind.
Chaucer essays topics: Influence on English literature
Chaucer essay can also be devoted to Chaucer’s influence on medieval and/or modern English literature. Chaucer is called the most outstanding English poet except Shakespeare. He is supposed to have made a revolution in English language. It would be very interesting essay, because Chaucer really had contributed a lot to the English culture.
Chaucer essays topics: Chaucer’s works
Another topic of Chaucer essay can be Chaucer’s work. You can either write briefly about several Chaucer’s works, or create a detailed Chaucer essay about one of the most famous Chaucer’s works. It can be, for example, The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, which is considered to be the greatest one. The poem tells about thirty pilgrims’ travels around England.
Or you can analyze one of Chaucer’s characters he created, or compare Chaucer’s works with someone else’s. It would be a rather interesting and creative Chaucer essay.
Chaucer essay can expose some discursive topics. It can be a discussion of his real birthday, or his military rank, or something else.
Chaucer essay topic can vary, and it depends only on you which Chaucer essay topic you will choose. We can tell you only one thing: there are no bounds for the swing of your imagination. It is very important not to be afraid to use it, and your Chaucer essay would become the greatest one!
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