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Discursive Essay Writing TipsDetermination
First of all, we have to explain what the discursive essay is.
Discursive essay is a sketch, in which author shows a discussion of some problem. The topic of your discursive essay has to be interesting and captivating. Otherwise it would not be interesting for readers. And if nobody wants to read your sketch – there is no value in it. It means you have wasted a lot of your precious time.
Types of Descriptive Essay
There exist several different types of the discursive essays.
In some discursive essays the topic can be represented as a discussion of pluses and minuses of a particular issue. For example, you can write discursive essay about death penalty. In this case you would have to give arguments for and against its repeal. It would be better if you can also justify your opinion.
There is another type of a discursive essay. In such essays you reflect only the particular opinion of the particular person. Mainly, it is the opinion of some well-known scientists. These sketches usually do not show a discussion but only one respected point of view.
The last type of discursive essay offers the way to the problem’s solution. Here you have to show how to resolve the problem, or how it was dealed with some time ago.
How to Build Your Discursive Essay
All of these discursive essays should be built according to the strict structural plan. Firstly, you have to introduce the topic of the discussion. It must be formulated briefly and clear. You should better write one or two simple sentences.
Then you show the discussion’s development. Creation of this part of article depends on a type of a discursive essay you have selected.
At the end you have to make a conclusion or to show the results of the discussion.
Useful Advice
Now I would like to tell something about writing a discursive essay.
It is preferable not to show your own opinion while writing a discursive essay. It would be better if you just make a good quotation, or give an example. However, if you decided to write what YOU think about the discussion, you must provide some proofs of your opinion. It may be a point of view of a famous scientist, who took part in such debates, or some kind of reference to the science literature.
You should never use informal or emotional language. Discursive essay is a genre of essay writing, in which there is no place for familiar language. You should use impersonal style only.
The last advice that must be given: you have to use as many examples (but not personal!) as possible.
Now, if you look through all these tips, you surely would be able to sit down and write an essay on any topic which is given to you.
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