MSc Dissertation Writing

MSc Dissertation WritingMSc is an academic degree awarded for completion of a postgraduate or graduate course. Writing a MSc dissertation is one of the general requirements to the students pursuing for this degree.
This article is aimed at helping you to write a successive MSc dissertation. Consider, please, the items suggested below:
MSc Dissertation: The Objectives
To conduct original research on the topic chosen;
To develop the students’ critical thinking abilities and writing skills;
To utilise the skills got during the MSc;
To organize the students’ ideas in a structured way.
MSc Dissertation: Possible Topics
You make use of the following issues to develop your MSc dissertation:
Staff research presentations;
Previous dissertations;
MSc course papers;
Academic journal articles;
Any reliable material related to your dissertation topic.
Note that topic must be relevant to the issues covered on the MSc.
MSc Dissertation: The Basis Elements
The topic: pick out the one which interests you and is valuable in terms of theory and previous research. Narrow it down unless it is specific and clear.
Literature review: it should focus on the research question and use previous research to frame it. All the materials used should be outlined and their significance to the research should be admitted.
Methodology: here you should overview the methods used when the research was conducted. You may resort to some methodology textbooks and analyze the issues proposed there. But the main theme of your methodology section is your own methods used while studying the problem; you should speak about the alternative ways of investigating the research, the different approaches to it and criteria to merit their effectiveness.
Introduction: it sets up the research question and outlines the approaches to use for studying it.
Dissertation Abstract: this is a short summary of the entire paper; its length is up to one page.
Conclusion: here you restate the main findings and point out their importance for the science outline the pros and cons of your MSc dissertation and say how further research may be conducted.
Note that the elements stated above are not all that MSc dissertation contains, they are just the ones which need the students’ thorough consideration.
MSc dissertation length is about 15,000 words which is about 60 doubled-spaced pages.
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