Health Research Paper

Health Research PaperIf you are assigned to write a health research paper you may be proud of the task you are responsible for. A good health research paper may present some innovations to health system or influence the development of the health science. Therefore, if properly treated, health research papers may turn useful not only in terms of the student’s personal benefit, but in terms of a social welfare as well.
The structure of the health research paper remains the same as for other research papers types. Health research paper includes research paper title page, table of contents, abstract, introduction, body part, conclusion, reference page and literature review. Keep to this structure as it will be one of the marking criteria for your instructor.
In each section of your health research paper you should present the information in a logical order using transitions and linking phrases. Mind the tense you use in your health research paper: use present tense when reporting well-accepted tasks and a past one when describing the results.
Though the fields for investigating in health research paper are enormous, still, health research paper writing will be framed by the following issues:
Determinants of health: physical fitness, mental health, height;
Health maintenance: nutrition, exercise, hygiene, health care;
Role of science in health: the origin of health knowledge, health knowledge in use.
If you need concrete topics to investigate in your health research paper, here are some samples of them:
Anger and aggression;
Eating and sleeping disorders;
Living with cancer;
Teen development;
Bulimia as a common problem for the USA.
Our advice is to consult some authoritative people sophisticated in the health sphere. They may help you both with theoretical base and the practical one. Moreover, in case of collaborating with health professionals your health research paper will never fail to sound up-to-date.
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