Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative Research Paper TopicsIf you need to write an argumentative research paper the first thing you should do is to decide on argumentative research paper topic. Argumentative research paper topics are usually of a controversial nature as they need the author’s finding the answer to the question set and presenting his/her standpoint supplied with persuasive arguments. Argumentative research paper topics should be presented clearly and concisely for the reader to understand the subject of investigation at once. Normally, argumentative research paper topics are statements, but formulating them in the form of a question is also allowed.
Argumentative research paper topics usually cover some issues related to the subject where the paper is assigned. Therefore, argumentative research paper topics embrace enormous field for investigation. For you to get a general idea of what an argumentative research paper topic should be and to realize the diversity of the fields covered, we present here some samples of argumentative research paper topics:
The problem of abortion in the USA.
The problem of dress-code.
The problem of racism in modern America.
Smoking as the problem for the people around.
The problem of women’s emancipation.
Death penalty.
The USA: is there any culture in the state?
Multimedia: friend or foe?
Body-art as a way of self-expression.
Doping in modern sports.
Physical surgery.
Cancer as a social scourge.
Better untaught, than ill taught.
Cheating in schools of America.
Plagiarism and ways of fighting it.
As you can see from the examples above the argumentative research paper topics may differ very much. They are not that hard to formulate but still worth proper considering. A successfully chosen argumentative research paper topic is half the battle. Let it be a success as well as the whole paper!
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