French Philosophy Dissertation

French Philosophy DissertationStudents studying Philosophy are commonly assigned to write a French Philosophy Dissertation. This is a rather challenging task that reveals the students’ writing skills and abilities to think logically. French Philosophy dissertation can make the students answer various questions with the help of research. One engaged in French Philosophy dissertation writing has to conduct a serious research and then present its results in terms of academic writing.
French Philosophy dissertation deals with philosophy in French language which embraces traditions in philosophy through centuries: from Descartes to Post-structuralism philosophy of the 20th century.
To analyze briefly the history of the French philosophy:
17th –century French philosophy: the modern period in philosophy starts with this century, R. Descartes is the pioneer in this field. He established the main principles and methodology for his successors. Paris was a cradle of the French philosophy of this time;
18th – century French philosophy: the period of Enlightenment. The study of Church and State. The main representatives are: Voltaire, D. Diderot, J.-J. Rousseau;
19th – century French philosophy: this century underwent the influence of the previous century, J.-J. Rousseau is the most prominent inspirer of this period;
20th – century French philosophy: two factors were the most influential for this period – the German philosophy and the French Communist Party. The period of the largest political movement in France led to the interest in Marx and Hegel study. The names of E. Husserl and M. Heidegger, as well as, J.-P. Sartre are the most prominent of that period. The second part of the century is marked by appearing of the new trend in philosophy called existentialism.
Each of the points can be analyzed in your French Philosophy dissertation. Try to make your research as much innovative as possible. Let your French Philosophy dissertation make the great philosophers jealous!
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