APA Style of Your Term Paper

APA Style of Your Term PaperAPA, or American Psychological Association style is very often used to cite sources. Usually APA is used for works on social sciences.
APA style has a lot of requirements and special features. We will number and explain all of them to you. But you should have in your view that some of this APA requirements can differ. It depends on your APA term paper instructor.
APA term papers main requirements and their main features:
You have to double space all the lines of your APA term papers;
You should use standard paper (8.5 X 11inches) with the margins of 1 inch on each side for your APA term paper;
You should use Times New Roman or Arial font 12pt;
Each part and section of your APA term paper has to begin from a new page;
APA title page should have running head, byline and affiliation; you should also type your name, your teacher’s name and the day of submission on your APA title page;
Page numbers of APA term paper should be printed in upper right corner of each page, including the APA term paper title page;
APA running heads have to include one or two words of a APA term paper title, and have to be followed by five spaces and a page number;
APA term papers abstract is a short overview of your APA term paper topic. You should print your APA term paper abstract on the next page after your APA title page. The word “Abstract” has to be at the centre of the page, and then should go the paragraphs.
APA headings should be centered. Use Caps Lock for all important words of your heading.
In APA list of references the sources should be alphabetized by the author’s last name or by title of the work.
You should also use in-text citation in your APA term paper.
Above we have named only the basic elements of APA style. Your tutor may require something to be changed. So, to avoid problems and misunderstanding, you should consult your APA term papers advisor as often as you need. Once the question appears – ask your teacher, and he/she will help you to resolve the problem.
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