Writing a Book Report

Out of the many types of writing assignments you will be facing during your academic curriculum, one could be that of writing a book report. Understanding the difference between the different types of academic writing projects will help you in performing well in these assessments. You should use the given guidelines or instructions for the purpose of understanding the given assignment.
Many students confuse between a book report and a book review, even though the difference is quite evident from the names itself. A book review is where you read a book and convey your opinion of the book. It could include the positive as well as the negative aspects you find in the book. But while writing a book report you will be focusing on reporting the book as you have understood it.
You should keep it in mind while writing the report, that you are not there to criticize the book. You are merely conveying to the reader what you have understood about the book and the contents as you have seen it. You may write it in your own words and offer your opinion in a non-critical manner.
This particular type of project is easier compared to a research paper or a term paper because of the fact that you have to read and understand only one particular book. You will not have to spend hours searching for information amongst thick volumes of books, nor will you have to prove any point. Hence, with a little effort on your part, you can make a very good job of writing a book report.
Read the book twice, at the very least, in order to make sure that you have not forgotten to include any important points. After the first reading, prepare an outline with what you have understood. Then read it a second time and while at it, add the missing points to your outline as and when you find them. That way you can be sure of not having forgotten to mention any important part of the book in your report.
Once you have a complete outline, develop it into a rough draft. This rough draft can later be edited into a final draft. While editing the rough draft, cut it into the right size and make sure that you don’t delete any important portion of your report. Since it is a comparatively easy assignment, students tend to keep it for the last minute. This will not work though. A quick reading will not be enough for you to grasp the essence of the book. And relying on the articles written on the book by others and rewriting it in your own words also will not make your book report look impressive. To understand the book, you will have to read it yourself and write the report from your own point of view. Any professor can spot a paper which is just a reworded form of some other article.
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