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Coursework ExamplesIt is in the human’s nature to apply to some earlier obtained results of this or that work. Especially it is true when dealing with writing tasks carried out by students. When assigned to write a coursework, they are willing to look through the existing coursework examples to benefit from them while writing. At this article we offer you some hints as for how to arrange an effective studying of coursework examples.
First of all, we want you to realize the main function of coursework examples, which consists in improving your knowledge of the subject and learning from the completed work.
Secondly, we warn you not to plagiarize the coursework examples at your disposal. Any part of a coursework example can’t be presented as your own investigation; it may only be used in your coursework if properly referred to.
While studying examples of coursework one should keep in mind the following:
Ask your professor about possible examples of courseworks at his or her disposal. As a rule, such coursework examples presented by your instructor are done according to all his/her instructions at a rather professional level;
The coursework example cannot be the one relied on as the last resort – you are not aware of the writer’s competence, moreover, the instructions on the coursework writing may differ according to the professor’s preferences;
Work out a sort of plan to deal with a coursework example: write out some author’s techniques which captured your attention. Though the structure of the coursework remains the same, different authors may interpret it differently in their works. Those are their coursework examples that may help you to adopt some of the innovative methods;
Use examples of courseworks as an opportunity to study a reference system of this or that paper. You may not only benefit from the bibliography properly done , but also from the very literature used in the coursework;
Use coursework examples not only when assigned to write your own coursework, but for general educational purposes also.
Please, do not be guided by someone else’s coursework examples only. Make sure of your personal efforts and abilities and crate a masterpiece of your own.
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