Dissertation Citation Styles

Dissertation Citation StylesWhy do we use dissertation citation?
We can name a lot of reasons for dissertation citation using.
Above all, you should use dissertation citation to support some of your statements, i.e. as the examples, illustrating your words.
Dissertation citation serves also as a reference to some source used.
Besides, quotation makes your dissertation more lively and interesting.
How should you use quotation?
Writing dissertation citations, you should use the quotation author’s first initial only, but not the full name.
Dissertation citation can be entirely traced from some source, but you have to make sure that the information is true and correct.
Quotation in your dissertation proves that you are capable of joint work and learning.
Dissertation citation styles:
Dissertation citations can be of several styles. Each quotation dissertation style format includes the same basic parts of that dissertation citation but may organize them slightly differently. The most popular of the quotation styles are:
Turabian dissertation quotation style. This dissertation citation style is designed for college students and can be used with all subjects. If you use this citation style, you should arrange your quotations alphabetically by author. If some quotation has no author, begin with the title of source. You should use Italics or, at least, underlined type.
APA dissertation quotation style. This dissertation citation style is usually used for dissertation on Social Sciences. Quotation list has to be arranged alphabetically by author or source title, too. You should use only the author’s initials, again. Italics or underlined print should be used for quotations. APA dissertation citation style is like Turabian one. The only difference is that you should include day, month and page of the source used in your quotation list.
MLA dissertation quotation style. Used for dissertation on literature, arts and humanities. The requirements are almost the same as in two previous dissertation citation styles. You should also double-space the text of your paper, and use a legible font like Times New Roman or Courier.
The other dissertation citation styles exist also, but the named quotation styles are the most frequently used. To choose the quotation style which suits your dissertation most of all, you should consult your tutor. But Turabian dissertation citation style is considered to be the most universal, so that if you have problems with making a choice of quotation style, you should use the Turabian one.
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