Engineering Thesis

Engineering ThesisDo you know what the term “thesis” actually means? No? Then we will explain it to you.
Thesis is a treatise which presents a new point of view of some problem, which you are researching. It is your point of view based on your studies and experiments.
So you should not only study the engineering problem and the ways of its solution. You must provide something new, to generate your own theory.
But firstly you should choose the certain engineering problem to research. It has to be something you to give you more opportunities for your discovering and to awake the audience’s interest. Besides, if the engineering problem is quite old, you will have fewer opportunities to consult some scientists, because nobody would be interested in studying it. And it would be quite difficult to find good sources to help you.
You are encouraged to put your own experiments and to consult specialists while preparing the engineering thesis. Of course, you should conduct your research yourself, but it would not be considered as a breach if you ask for someone’s help. The only condition is that you have to refer to everybody who helps you in your engineering thesis, and write what exactly kind of help you received from this person.
Engineering research can be of two types;
Direct solution of engineering problems;
Development of already existing engineering theories.
So, as you can see, your engineering thesis will contain an attempt to resolve some engineering problem.
Writing an engineering thesis, you should base on essential engineering questions, such as:
What is the engineering problem you are going to resolve?
What were the previous solutions of the engineering problem?
What conclusion you came to while resolving the engineering problem?
How can you compare your engineering problem solution with the previous solutions of this problem?
You should answer all of these questions; otherwise you will create just an engineering report, but not the engineering thesis.
Engineering theses can be of four types. These are the types:
Engineering thesis;
Science-exploratory thesis;
Science-theoretical thesis;
Science-experimental thesis.
To choose the most appropriate type of engineering theses, you should try each of the types and to compare the results. It will help you to choose the best form.
If you find out that none of these forms suits you, revise your engineering thesis. May be you should change the direction of your engineering research?
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