Exam Papers of Different Levels: Requirements

Exam Papers of Different Levels: RequirementsThere exist several level exams. We will number them and identify the main features and requirements of each other.
GCSE exam
GCSE level exam paper is usually taken by high school students at the age of sixteen. You have to choose 8-12 exams from a list of subjects you have been studying during the last two school years.
Primary program of GCSE level exam includes six basic subjects such as English, Math, DT, Business, Second foreign language, Natural Science, IT, History and Geography.
Secondary program of GCSE level exam. You have to choose three or four subjects for your GCSE level exam paper. This may be Art and Design, Business, theatre, Economy, Engineering, Music, Physics or RS.
GCSE level exam paper includes also research papers writing. And you should work hard during the year to receive a good mark for your GCSE level exam paper.
AS-level exam paper and A-level exam paper
A-level exam paper students are taking at the age of 17 or 18, when finish the school. These exams are often equated with the entrance exams to some Universities.
A-level exam paper subjects include not only the standard (primary) kit of GCSE level exam paper, but also Geology, Sports, Electronics, Mass-Media and others. In the first year (AS-level exam) students choose four or five subjects. During the second year they study only 2-4 subjects of the previous list. Two AS-level exams are the same as one A-level exam.
How to get prepared to different level exam papers?
To get prepared to different level exam papers, you should follow our tips.
You should work hard during the year. You have to attend all the classes and be very attentive during the lessons. If you feel you have problems with some aspect of the subject which is pointed in your level exam paper, you’d better consult the teacher. Otherwise you can have problems at the exam.
Do the entire teacher’s task and take notes during the class. It can be useful when you need to revise the material before taking level exam paper.
Prepare reports and study additional sources. It can help you if, while taking an exam, you face a question you didn’t consider.
Now, you know all the level exams requirements and the ways of preparing to take an exam. So you will surely pass all your exams perfectly and achieve a degree.
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