GCSE Revision

GCSE RevisionGCSEs are usually taken by the students at the years of 14-16. No matter what form your GCSE has, we offer you several tips concerning GCSE revision, as the effectiveness of this process influences your general performance at the exam.
So, GCSE revision tips:
GCSE Revision Tip 1.
Turn the notes you are going to learn into questions. Let it be a sheet of paper divided in two parts: the left one will be your questions, the right one-your answers. This technique allows you to brainstorm your ideas and arrange them in the form easily remembered. It is active learning. You may either test yourself or ask someone to help you.
GCSE Revision Tip 2.
Make the material you need to learn remarkable. With this purpose use highlighters, color-coded markers, cards and visual mnemonics. Arrange your notes into columns, categories, etc. Create models, charts, tables. Use multimedia important for comprehending and remembering.
GCSE Revision Tip 3.
Apply to simultaneous talking-walking studying. Repeat the information out loud. Arrange the information into rhythmic patterns, add music to aid retention. Move hands or feet to contribute to rhythm. Use aural mnemonics.
GCSE Revision Tip 4.
Construct houses out of cards, blocks, etc. while studying. Alternate sitting still and moving when studying.
GCSE Revision Tip 5.
Analyze the way you feel the most comfortable when studying and keep the same settings over and over again. What is the best time for your studies? What is the best way of sitting for you? What kind of food helps you to organize your thoughts? Answer these questions and make use if the answers when engaged in GCSE revision.
Though mere rewriting or making clear and concise notes may also turn beneficial for your GCSE revision, you should better combine them with one of the GCSE revision techniques suggested below and the best results will not keep them waiting.
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