Parts of Your Research Paper

Parts of Your Research PaperResearch paper is a type of a term control, which requires a lot of mental work from the student. You have to find the information on the particular topic and to explore it and to make your own conclusions. The ideas have to be expressed logically in your research paper.
Beginning to write a research paper
Irrespective of the topic of your research paper, you should:
Make a list of your problems which you are going to explore in your research work.
Find the sources which could be helpful while writing your research paper.
Develop a thesis list if your research paper.
Choose the structure and develop the parts of research paper.
Parts of research papers
Usually the parts of research paper are the next:
Research paper Introduction, description of your research work and the problem statement.
The main body, the exploration itself. It is advisable that you include to your research paper not only the descriptions of already existing investigation, but your own researches, too.
Conclusion, where you try to justify your decision.
Such parts of research papers let you express the idea and explore the main points best of all.
The parts of research work are subdivided into chapters, in their turn, i.e. that, for example, introduction consists usually of theses and objectives; the main body includes theoretical part and the practical one, or researches of different points of the problem.
The parts of research work may differ. For example, you may add such parts of research paper as describing the methods of research, or discussion on the problem, or some survey.
It is necessary not to forget such part of research paper as The List of Literature and Sources you have used while writing your research paper.
Which part of research papers should you begin with?
You should start writing your research paper from creating the theses and making a list of literature. It will help you to state the main ideas.
Then you should work on such part of research paper as the main body. First, you look for the information for your research paper. You study the sources where some investigations which are useful for your research paper are described. Then you make your own research on the topic of your research paper.
The next two parts of research paper, which you should create, are the Introduction and the Conclusion. You decide what to write first due to your wish.
At the end you compose such part of research papers as The List of Literature used.
When your research paper is complete, you should revise it several times to avoid mistakes. That is all – you can be proud of yourself as you have written a brilliant research paper!
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