Preparation for Design Thesis

Preparation for Design ThesisReasons for thesis writing
Even if thesis writing is not really necessary, you should write it, all the same. There are at least to significant reasons for thesis writing:
Thesis writing helps you to structure your research;
Thesis writing shows you if your topic is worth researching.
Theses writing order
First of all, we should mention, that your design thesis has to be interesting, and not for the audience only, but for you in the first turn. If you are not interesting in you thesis, you will loose motivation and will never manage to write a good design thesis.
If you intend to write good design thesis, you should remember that you have to combine your own experience and a justification of your brilliant knowledge.
Design thesis, as any kind of thesis, has to consist of particular parts.
Design thesis title page, where you should write a full title of your design thesis, your name, year and place of thesis defense.
Design thesis abstract, which is a summary of your design thesis.
Design thesis contents, a short list of your design thesis headings.
Design thesis introduction, which presents and explains your design thesis topic and the main goals.
Hypothesis which you settle for your design thesis.
Methods of your research.
Conclusion, where you confirm or disprove your primary hypothesis.
List of sources and references to all the sources you have used during the thesis writing.
Several tips on thesis writing
To write a good design thesis, you should decide which information is more important, and which is not important at all.
We offer you the next steps for your thesis writing:
First of all, write a design thesis introduction and settle the main goals of your design thesis.
Then select the methods which you are going to use while your theses writing.
Try to describe the results of your research, firstly without explaining them.
Make a conclusion from your research.
Write a design thesis summary.
Complete your design thesis.
Do not forget that each result you come to has to be justified. If you cannot support some of your conclusions, you should better not mention it, or find additional information which can prove your results.
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