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RS CourseworkAlmost every high school student has to write a coursework on religious studies, we decided to create a guide on RS coursework writing for you. Following our tips, you will manage to write a good RS coursework.
First of all, you should remember that RS coursework should be your own work, as religious studies are very important for every person’s development. So, if you take information from additional sources, you should make references to these sources in your RS coursework. It can be manuals on religion studies, books, or the Internet sources. All the same you have to refer to them in order to avoid a plagiarism accusation.
You should show your knowledge of religious studies in you RS coursework. Describe the key teachings and concepts of religious studies. Add graphic evidences and interesting examples to diversify your RS coursework.
Remember that your RS courseworks should be well-organized and clearly presented. This means you may use irregular structure of your RS coursework, and also use informal language. But do not forget to use religious studies terms and to give their definition, otherwise your RS coursework will be more like an essay on religious studies.
You should also mention the importance of religious studies and of religion in itself in your RS coursework. You had better describe it in the Introduction to your RS coursework.
You should also evaluate different responses in you coursework on religious studies, again supporting your arguments. Never forget to prove your thoughts by examples and references to religious studies sources. Otherwise your RS courseworks will loose its value.
It would be very good of you to compare different religious studies, or religions, or beliefs in your RS coursework. Or you may show different points of view at the same problem, adding the arguments of the opposite sides.
At the end of your RS coursework, you have to make the conclusion. In the conclusion of your RS coursework you should say if the religious studies are really important and why. You should also try to answer the question which you have posed in the introduction of your coursework on religious studies. And again – do not forget to support your words and conclusions with the references to the according religious studies sources and other evidences.
A list of sources used has to be put at the end of your RS courseworks.
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