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Technology Research PaperSo, you are about to write your technology research paper. First of all, you have to decide what field of technology you will research exactly. Why is it necessary? It will help you to define the main goals of your technology research paper, will make you understand what methods of research you should use and will also prompt to you what kind of additional technology sources you have to use.
Then you should make up a list of technology sources, which can be useful for your technology research papers.
After creating such a list, you should begin a preliminary reading and studying the technology material. While reading, you should gradually form a list of thesis for your technology research paper. You should make some notes, write down useful links by technology and choose the quotes of scientists, which you will use later in your technology research work.
While studying the technology sources, you should develop an outline of your technology research paper. You can make up a plan of your technology research papers. We will give you an example of such a plan.
You should begin with an introduction to your technology research paper. Here you have to define the main purposes of your technology research, describe the problem and settle a hypothesis.
The next part should be theoretical. You write about all already existing technology researches, their problems and the scientists’ opinions about them. It will be a basis of your own work.
The third technology research paper part is practical. It includes your own researches and observations, based not only on the existing technology theories, but also on your own experience. You also should try to prove or disprove your primary hypothesis.
Technology research paper conclusion contains your results supported by quotations and examples, or by references to the technology theories.
List of sources which you have use for making your research paper.
It was a general scheme of the technology research paper. You should add your own points to each part of this technology research paper plan. The outline depends on your topic, i.e. on the field of technology you have researched.
Do not forget to revise your technology research paper several times, otherwise you can miss some mistakes, and it will spoil the general impression of your technology research paper.
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