Term Paper Title Page Requirements

Term Paper Title Page RequirementsTerm paper title page is a face of your term paper. So you have to dedicate enough time to your term paper title page. You should not forget that when you present your term paper to someone – for example, to your teacher or the audience – the fist thing they will see is a term paper title page. You should make your title page presentable and accurate. The teacher who will evaluate your term paper can change his/her mind about your work dependently on the quality of your term paper title page.
Writing a term paper title page is the last step of term paper writing. But it is also very important to write a title page correctly; otherwise you will have to re-write your title page. And, as everyone knows, it is much easier to do (in this particular case – to write a title case) something correctly from the first time, than to re-make it well.
A strong format of term paper title page writing exists. So you should consult your teacher while writing a title page of your term paper.
There is a list of standard requirements for the term paper title page:
You should begin with the important words (for example, the name of the topic of your term paper) with the title letters while writing a term paper title page.
You should double space all the lines of the term paper title page.
You should write your title page a line by line
Your name (that means you have to write your full name);
Your class’ name and number;
Your teacher’s name (do not forget to mention what kind of teacher he or she is, i.e. what subject he/she teaches you).
One inch from the bottom of the title page you have to write the date of submission. The font should be smaller than the title’s one.
You can use any font you like writing your term paper title page. It does not have to be the same font as the term paper body’s one. The size of it should not be larger than 36 points.
The title of your term papers has to be written on one line, or broken into two phrases if two lines are needed.
You are allowed to insert a picture illustrating the title of your term paper (if your teacher does not mind).
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