What Is Thesis?

What Is Thesis?Thesis Definition
Thesis is a formal document that presents the writer’s research and findings; it is usually completed when seeking for a degree or professional qualification.
Thesis Nature
Thesis writing is assigned as a final requirement for those striving for a degree. Thesis paper is a culmination of a candidate’s research. It may be presented in various forms, such as written work, some artistic performance or a painting depending on the field studied.
Thesis Length
It varies according to the degree wanted: thesis for an undergraduate student is shorter than thesis submitted as a part of a Ph.D thesis.
Thesis Language
It is defined by the university granting the degree.
Thesis Procedure
Thesis writing usually starts when a coursework on the problem is completed. As a rule, thesis studies some relative issue. The general topic is decided by the student together with his or her professor. The topic should be up-to-date, valuable for the science and present sufficient ground for the research. After choosing a topic the student undertakes appropriate investigation. When the thesis is completed, it is presented to the supervisor. When approved by him/her, the thesis is submitted for exam which usually includes an oral defense. After the defense is completed and the thesis is approved, it serves as an academic publication. It means that any researcher may apply to it while conducting his or her work; in this case the thesis is to be appropriately cited as any other piece of scientific literature.
Thesis Presentation Style
Thesis components are:
A title page
A dedication
An thesis abstract
An introduction
Materials and methods
Indices and appendices
Table of contents
Lists of tables, images or figures
List of abbreviations
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