What Makes A Good Thesis?

What Makes A Good Thesis?What Makes A Good Thesis?
If you are engaged in writing a thesis this article is for you. Here you will be offered useful guidelines concerning writing good theses.
Follow the steps proposed below and a good thesis will not keep you waiting.
A good thesis requirement # 1 – SIZE UP YOUR TOPIC:
Make up your topic not too vague and not too narrow to be investigated within the time required;
Care about its relevance and significance for the science studied;
Consult your professor about his or her requirements to the thesis topic and the thesis as a whole;
Settle out the topic with your professor.
A good thesis requirement # 2 – CREATE A TIMETABLE:
here exists an opinion that the winter term is dedicated to writing the paper and the spring term is concerned with editing and thesis proofreading it. If this time-table suits you, pick it out and follow it;
Measure your time: define the time required for writing each section;
Do not put off the writing for the last minute;
Do not make pauses within the writing process: you will not only waste your time, but also lose the connection between the work done and the one which needs completing.
A good theses requirement # 3 – APPLY TO READING STRATEGIES:
While doing the preliminary research on the problem, find out what aspects of the topic interest you more than others and what approaches offer you more opportunities for research;
While applying to secondary sources pay attention to the footnotes. In this way you will contextualize your ideas and will have the items to include in your thesis bibliography.
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