Who Are the Members of the Thesis Committee?

Who Are the Members of the Thesis Committee?Thesis committee has to consist of at least 3 members, who will follow your research and check it up. After finishing your work you will have to present it to the thesis committee members, and they will appreciate it.
The first thesis committee member is a thesis committee director. It’s a person who must be a faculty member.
Theses committee director has the following functions:
After he or she is agreed to be a thesis committee director, he/she helps a student to choose a topic for research;
Thesis committee director also helps a student to complete a list of literature and sources, which he/she (student) could use in his/her research work;
Thesis committee director also establishes deadlines, for example, tells when student has to start a research, or when each part of the research should be accomplished;
Thesis committee director checks up student’s work and corrects mistakes, and give the student consultations, showing the best way to explore the topic of the research;
Thesis committee director has to be present at the work defense;
Thesis committee director signs the Final Thesis Evaluation Form.
The next thesis committee member is a student advisor. It may be a student of a major department, or a graduate student. But in each case, this thesis committee member will be surely a professional of your thesis topic.
This theses committee member’s functions are:
Thesis committee student advisor is the second reader, who checks the work up after the thesis committee director;
Thesis committee student advisor helps the student to improve particular points of his work, if the thesis committee director is not a professional of these fields of knowledge;
The second reader also participates in the thesis defense and signs the thesis evaluation form.
And now the turn of the third thesis committee member came. It is the CHC thesis representative, or he/she is also called an outside thesis committee member. Thesis representative’s functions are:
To assure that the thesis will be quite understandable for the audience;
To check the quality of thesis writing and the degree of the topic’s accessibility;
To suggest to revise some parts of the thesis;
To transport the thesis evaluation form to the defense and, after the defense, sign it.
As you see, such thesis committee members as the thesis committee director and a student advisor are more helpful for you. Pay attention to this fact, because when you need someone’s help, you will know who can give you this help. But also you should not forget about the last thesis committee member, because, in fact, she/he is responsible for the quality of your work as he/she checks it the last.
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