Writing a Thesis Paper

Writing a Thesis PaperWriting a thesis paper is necessary when you are going to graduate from a high school. In fact, some high schools do not require writing a thesis paper from students. But we suppose, that writing a thesis paper will help you to organize your research work, and will show if your research field is really interesting. So do not refuse writing a thesis paper even if you do not really have to do it.
Thesis is something like an introduction on your further research. Thesis describes the problem, tells about prior researches of the topic, and shows your research skills and your interpretation of the problem.
To create a thesis you should, first of all, develop an outline of your theses writing. Thesis outline should consist of:
Thesis headings;
Brief thesis description;
Some special notes for each thesis.
Outline is very helpful for writing a thesis paper. It helps you to build your thesis structure, and to get prepared to the main research.
Thesis topic should include very narrow fields. While writing a thesis paper, you should create each thesis in such a way that each thesis showed a research of a particular point of a problem.
Writing theses paper, avoid using only short or only long compound sentences in your thesis paper. Besides, you should better use an active voice in your thesis paper, as it makes your thesis clearer for the audience.
Writing a thesis paper, you should better use the following structure:
Thesis title page (contains thesis topic, your name, and the date and the place of writing a thesis paper).
Thesis abstract (resume of your thesis).
Contents of your thesis.
Introduction to your thesis paper.
Theoretical part of your thesis paper.
Methodology of your research.
Suggestions for the further research of your thesis paper topic.
Sources which you have used while writing a thesis paper.
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