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Chemistry CourseworkStudents of Chemistry Departments are often assigned to write Chemistry courseworks. In this article we will do our best to facilitate the writing process and turn the task of Chemistry coursework from an ordinary and depressing one into some thrilling and really exciting.
First of all, we want you to prepare for the task morally. On the one hand, this is your opportunity to develop your research skills and abilities to turn the theoretical knowledge into practical ones, and, on the other, your Chemistry coursework is a springboard to future researches.
Now, when the perspectives of your investigation are outlined, we may get down to the actual Chemistry coursework writing.
It is obvious that the research and the writing processes start with choosing a topic. The topics chosen for Chemistry courseworks are usually related to the issues studied in class, though, the student may pick out a topic on his or her own. We offer you to consider the following ones:
History of Chemistry;
Nobel Prize in Chemistry;
Basic concepts of Chemistry;
Chemical laws;
Subdisciplines of Chemistry;
Chemical industry;
Common chemicals.
When the topic for your Chemistry coursework is set, start the very research on the topic. We assume that your Chemistry coursework will be based on some chemical experiment. Conducting the one you should mind the following:
Planning: at this stage of your experiment you determine its purposes;
Safety: you state what measures should be taken to conduct the experiment safely;
Methods/Procedure: here you dwell on the apparatus set and its basic components;
Predictions: say what you expect from the experiment and explain why these very results you predict.
All these stages should be properly described in your Chemistry courseworks. Write in such a way so that the reader had an assumption that he or she was present in the experiment.
Note that your being original, innovative and descriptive during the research is the key for your Chemistry coursework success.
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