Literary Essay

Literary EssayFor students proud of rich imagination, critical and analytical thinking abilities, writing a literary essay does not present any difficulty. In this article we offer the reader some general hints concerning literary essay writing that will help every student to cope successfully with the task.
Let us start with the definition of the literary essays. Literary essay is a type of creative writing that researches and evaluates some piece of literature. The author’s opinion on the item studied acquires much importance and it is supported by various arguments until the last dot.
It is obvious that before defining one’s opinion on the novel, story, etc. one needs to do some preliminary reading to become aware of the subject described. The first source one needs to apply to is the original work, and then various critical literature on the subject may be investigated. Note that you need to study the works of various critics to get the overall analysis of the item. All the sources should be properly cited for the author not to be blamed in plagiarism.
Literary Essays: Points to Consider
Try to choose some interesting title that captures the reader’s attention and informs him/her about your position;
Realize that not all the readers are ignorant about the subject described;
Write an essay clearly and directly, be straightforward but not rude;
Do not retell the book, article – interpret them;
Be patient when explaining your grounds, your main task is to evoke the reader’s response;
Do not follow the chronological order of the text you are describing; follow the order of your argumentation;
Use transitions to bind the parts of your essay and the sentences within them;
Supply the quotations with brief explanations of the events or ideas they refer to;
Use a present tense when you speak about the significance of the work under analysis.
Note that your literary essay is a good opportunity to demonstrate your theoretical knowledge and their practical implementation. Show your knowledge of subtext, structure and style principles. Explain the notions on the examples of your topic.
Do not neglect proofreading the literary essay and reap the fruits of your labor, after all.
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