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Research Paper IntroductionA Canadian journalist Barbara Frum once said: “Tell me something new about something I care about.” This quotation may serve as the main principle of writing an introduction to research paper. In this article we will try to prove the idea that will help you to write a successful research paper introduction.
Research paper introduction is the first element of the paper which may determine the reader’s attitude to the research at once. Research paper introduction introduces the topic, states its significance and explains the writer’s topic choice. Research paper introduction also presents some background of the problem for the reader to understand better the subject and the extent it was explored to. You should not cite all the works which influenced your research, but the main of them should be considered together with the impact they had on your great research paper.
The length of your research paper introduction is about 10 percent of the entire paper, though, it may vary depending on the topic chosen and your writing style.
As it has already been mentioned above, research paper introduction is your first opportunity to appeal to the reader and to leave some impression at his or her heart. Generally speaking, research paper introductions success determines the general quality of the research paper.
To succeed with research paper introduction we advise you to make it catchy. Recall yourself studying some sources and looking for the informative introduction. What attracted your attention at the very beginning is the clarity and precision of statements through which you learnt what the paper is about. Choose some introduction, analyze the principles of its writing and make use of them in your own one.
Note that it is up to you to decide when to write your research papers introduction. You may do it at the very beginning of your writing, or, what is more preferable, when the paper is completed. When your conclusion is written you will easily create your research paper introduction as the information you need to include in it is already familiar to you.
Good luck with your research paper introduction!
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