The Research Paper

The Research PaperHmm, the research paper… This is the word-combination that you have heard many times from senior students but have never dealt with yourself. Your time has already come and now you face the problem of writing the research papers. Just keep cool! We are here to help you with your research paper.
Let us start with the very definition of the research paper. Research paper is a document that presents the researcher’s investigation on the particular problem together with the main results he or she achieved.
Be aware of the fact that research papers writing presupposes the following steps to undertake:
Gathering the relevant information;
Studying and interpreting it;
Producing one’s own ideas on the subject;
Developing and organizing the ideas on the basis on the materials studied;
Summarizing the findings;
Drawing to general conclusions;
Presenting the investigation in the form acceptable for academic writing.
If we analyze in much detail the research paper writing process, it will be presented in the following way:
You decide on the topic you will investigate in the research paper;
You decide what sources you will need to cover the topic and find access to them;
You study the sources you have at your disposal;
You take notes and organize them in the way that seems the most effective to you;
You present your notes according to the research paper structure: introduction, main body, conclusion;
You reference the material according to the citation style chosen;
You write the first draft of the research paper;
Your edit and proofread the first draft;
You create the final draft.
Your research papers should contain the following parts:
Title page of research paper;
Table of contents;
These parts are obligatory but there are also some optional ones, such as: dedication page, preface, table of contents and appendix. Use them according to the purposes of your research.
Let success attend you in the research paper writing process!
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