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Number CourseworkWhen you get the task to write a maths coursework you start thinking about numbers, formulas, etc. And if we call your maths coursework a number coursework and try to make it creative what will you say?
Number courseworks are such a broad type of coursework writing that it turns very difficult to say for sure what you should write about. In this article we try to present you some ideas how to make your number coursework interesting and catching for the reader and for you.
Number coursework main topic is numbers as you can guess. Numbers are abstract by their nature. We use numbers for counting or for measuring. There is a great variety of numbers: natural, rational, real, complex, etc.
In yours number courseworks you should keep to the structure:
Number coursework introduction;
Number coursework main body;
Number coursework conclusion;
Number coursework abstract.
Each part of the number coursework should contain the necessary information and that is why you should know what should be written and what should be not.
Well, now we try to concentrate all your attention on the facts which you can write in your number coursework:
Number has its symbols. What are they?
Number has its types. What are the peculiarities?
Number can be negative. How is it possible?
Number can be real.
In your number coursework it is possible to write a bit about history of numbers:
30000 BC. It was the world of bones and stones. We can study the society development with the help of excavations. We can see that our ancestors try to create first symbols, first numbers. They wanted to grow and they did.
So, number coursework can give you a chance not only to study number but to become absorbed in the history.
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