Thesis Outline

Thesis OutlineWriting thesis is not an easy task, whereas writing well-structured thesis is already a challenge. If you do not want to receive unsatisfactory feedback from your thesis examiners, you should better start with writing good theses outline and then strictly follow it.
Thesis outline is a content of your future thesis, content with brief ideas of your thesis sections. For those, who still do not believe in the importance of the thesis outline, here are some arguments in favor of it:
Thesis outline is a required part of the paper in the majority of universities, their thesis committees.
Outline of your thesis helps the committee identify your main ideas and overall development of the paper.
Thesis outline helps YOU in organizing the paper, building appropriate argumentation, presenting findings logically.
Structure of your thesis outline
Thesis outline is a combination of sections, which help the graduate students develop thesis idea. So, try to follow this structure in your custom thesis:
Introduction is a part that may also be subdivided into motivation and objectives sections.
Background section should include references to the history of the thesis issue.
General Description part should provide reader with brief information on the
thesis issue.
Research Methods section should describe the tools used to develop your thesis idea.
Presentation of results part reflects the outcome of your research section.
Analysis part is based on a thorough study of results section of the theses outline.
Conclusion involves short summary of your findings, your suggestions for improvement of certain processes.
Thesis outline structure may vary depending on the requirements of your thesis committee. So, it is advisable to meet one of your future revisors and find out the concrete guidelines. Another good idea is to show your thesis outline to the examiner before the start of the actual process of writing.
So, good thesis outline is already a good start for an outstanding thesis paper!
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