Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper AbstractWhen assigned to write a research paper you are most likely to write a research paper abstract.
Research paper abstract is a short but sufficient summary of your work. It helps the reader to get a general idea of your good research paper and decide whether he/she is interested in further reading of your work or not. Therefore, you should do your best to write such a research paper abstract that will involve the reader into further acquaintance with your work.
So, research paper abstract, what information should it present? Here are the main points to be highlighted in your research papers abstract:
Purpose of your research – explain why you have chosen this very topic for investigation, admit its significance and dwell on the objectives your research paper sets;
Scope – dwell on the specific issue of your problem that deserves your thorough consideration;
Methodology – name the methods used in your research, clarify how they fit the research question and evaluate their effectiveness;
Results – do objective analysis of the research done, state its main findings, say whether these results were expected , if not, state what prevented you from getting the results achieved;
Recommendations – state the importance of your research for the field and say how your research may be used with scientific purposes;
Conclusions – the main conclusions on your research are briefly outlined here.
You should know that there are two types of research paper abstract: the so-called “final” abstract and the “draft” one. The “final” research paper abstract is included into your research paper, whilst the “draft” one is done particularly for your benefit: this is as sort of plan which will help you to organize your work on research paper. Do not neglect the “draft” research paper abstract as it will really help you throughout your writing process, and, what is more, may be further transformed into the “final” research paper abstracts.
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