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Science Term PaperIn the most general sense of a word “science” refers to the human knowledge or practice. In the more restricted use of the word “science” means a system of knowledge acquired through the research based on the scientific method. Both senses are applicable when speaking about science term paper.
Science term paper is considered to be one of the most wide-spread type of academic assignments. Scientific term paper reveals the student’s knowledge on some issue related to one of the two main fields of science: either natural sciences, or, social sciences.
As it has been already mentioned, the main principle of science term papers writing is scientific method of research. It embraces techniques for studying phenomena, obtaining new knowledge or integrating the previous one. The main approaches of this method are observation, experimentation, formulation and testing of hypothesis through which gathering evidence and data collection is performed. You will do all these when writing your science term papers.
The findings of your research should be presented according to the structure common for every type of term paper:
Term papers title page – this page suggests the most important information about your work, you as a researcher and your supervisor;
Table of contents – it will help the reader to locate easily through your science term paper;
Abstract – in this part of your science term paper you will briefly outline the purpose of your research, its procedure and conclusions you reached;
Hypothesis – state clearly the question you are going to answer through the experiment;
Literature Review – this is an overview of the previous research on the subject and materials existing on your problem;
Materials and Procedure – this section of your science term paper presents a step-by-step description of your research together with materials used in the experiment;
Results – dwell here on your findings reached through the experiment;
Conclusion – analyze the correlation between the purposes set and the results achieved, stress on the novelty of your research and its contribution to the science;
Acknowledgements – do not forget to thank everyone who contributed to your science term papers success;
Bibliography – acknowledge the materials used in your science term paper according to the requirements of the citation style chosen;
Figures and Tables – you present here charts, photographs, tables, images, – everything that helps you to demonstrate the results of your experiment.
Good luck with your science term paper!
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