Writing a Dissertation Abstract

Writing a Dissertation AbstractWhen you get down to writing a dissertation abstract, you should remember that your main task is not to present some new information about the topic of your work. The main purpose of writing a dissertation abstract is to present your complete work, your dissertation.
In fact, a dissertation abstract is a small piece of work, made by a student in order to inform readers about the main issues of a complete dissertation. Writing a dissertation is a long writing process, which requires a lot of efforts and time.
First of all, it is necessary to mention that a dissertation abstract follows the title page. Very often a dissertation abstract> should be written before a table of contents (ask your tutor to be sure). The size of your dissertation abstract is about 300 words. This part of your dissertation project is of great importance as it gives an overall idea about your complete work.
Even though your dissertation abstract has to be written at the beginning of your work, the very writing of a dissertation abstract should be done when the main body of your dissertation is completed.
You can start writing a dissertation abstract only after your work is written, edited and proofread.
Present the most crucial information about your work in a dissertation abstract. A dissertation abstract should garb readers’ attention and make them interested in reading the whole work.
A dissertation abstract describes not only the main points of your work. A dissertation abstract should point out all chapters of your work, the importance of your project and its significance for science. You should briefly describe the problems which you raise in your project and methods you use during your research.
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