Dissertation Litteraire

Dissertation LitteraireDissertation litteraire is a new way to call dissertation literature, which will make our process of dissertation writing a little bit more fun.
So, most of us know where to find dissertation litteraire, but not how to use parenthetical and in-text citations. Consequently, this is a good idea to provide the target reader of the article- a student- with some tips on how to cite your dissertation litteraire.
Dissertation litteraire tip № 1: after in-text citations you are supposed to identify the author’s name and the publication’s page number. This is the most traditional way of organizing your dissertation litteraire reference.
Dissertation litteraire tip № 2: less common method of citing is to start the sentence with the name of the author and end your sentence with the page number.
Dissertation litteraire tip № 3: in case, when there is no information about the author, you should write a title of the publication, as well as the page number.
Dissertation litteraire tip № 4: if there are two authors of the publication, you need to include last names of both of them. On the other hand, for more than two writers you should use “et.al”- and others- abbreviation after the first author’s name.
Dissertation litteraire tip № 5: mind that the style of format of your dissertation litteraire reference page is dependent on the writing format you are required to use. So, make sure you have asked your examiner about the writing style he/she expects you to write in.
Finally, do not forget that not all literature sources are reliable and reputable enough. Your teacher will be glad to support you in identifying the most appropriate materials for your dissertation.
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