How to Write Research Paper Reference

How to Write Research Paper ReferenceHave you ever had a problem finding and writing a research paper reference? If yes, then read this article carefully and you will get the answers to all your questions.
The starting point of any research is the library- this place will help you create a long research paper reference list with a great variety of sources. So, do not neglect this opportunity to find all necessary research paper references (even if you have prejudice against the “grey and boring” library).
While you are working on your research paper reference (hopefully, at the library), you need to keep in mind that some of the sources may be rather bias and unreliable. So, be sure to evaluate your research paper reference sources on the basis of the following criteria:
Research paper reference sources’ relevance: does this information have any connection with your topic.
Research paper reference sources’ reliability: what reputation does this publication have? Does the author of the source have expertise?
Research paper references sources’ timeliness: when was this material published? Did anything change from that time that could affect the outcome of the research?
Research paper reference sources’ objectivity: does this material include both pros and cons of the issue? Do you think it is biased and one-sided? This question is especially important when you are reading a magazine or a newspaper, since most of the articles tend to present one viewpoint on the problem.
After you have created an impressive research paper database with all kinds of reference materials, you need to organize your research paper reference page. The style of your research paper reference page will, certainly, depend on the writing format you are supposed to follow- MLA research format, APA, Turabian. So, it is recommended to find a guide on the writing style you have chosen and organize your research paper according to its requirements.
Good luck! You have all chances to produce a great research paper!
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