Graduate Thesis Writing

Graduate Thesis WritingYou are not a freshman, who has no research experience or good writing skills. Thus, you are supposed to be ready to produce a good graduate thesis.
Would not it be great to know some basic expectations of your graduate thesis examiners? If you continue reading this article, you will learn about the grading system for your graduate thesis that is commonly used by teachers.
So, here are the things your examiners will pay attention to while assessing your graduate thesis:
How developed your main idea (thesis statement) is: the body of your graduate thesis should not only support the thesis statement, but also keep the target reader interested in learning more.
How organized and structured your graduate thesis is: your paper should follow one direction, balancing all the sections according to their importance for your thesis statement development.
What the voice and language of your graduate thesis is: you should convince your examiner that you are passionate about the issue you are writing about. This is one of the most complicated tasks – in order to achieve it, you have to, at least, be interested in the topic of your graduate theses.
What the overall presentation of your graduate thesis is: whether your piece of writing is pleasing to the eye, whether the thesis paper is neat and organized according to all writing requirements.
Does the graduate theses include the citing of the sources: you need to prove that your paper is 100 % non-plagiarized writing.
Good grade on your graduate thesis serves as evidence that the years of study were not in vain and you deserve to receive a degree.
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