Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience EssayIs not it exciting to write about yourself and your achievements?! Well, this is what you will have to do in your personal experience essay.
Personal experience essays and CV
The nature of a personal experience essay and CV are pretty similar- both of them aim to inform the target reader on your personal achievements, awards and professional skills. However, a personal experience essay is not as brief and structured as a CV: in this essay you will have not only to mention your background, but to describe it in details.
Personal experience essay is much more effective than a CV, because in this type of writing you get the opportunity to “advertise” yourself, providing your target reader with some convincing examples from your own life.
Personal experience essays contents
Imagine that you will be judged only on the basis of your personal experience essay. Then, you will have to put in a lot of efforts and fill your personal experience essay with as many interesting details as possible, make the contents rich and convincing. Here are some personal essay tips for you how to make your personal experience essay really stand out:
Be creative. Start your personal experience essay with an unusual quote or an entertaining story from your life.
Describe your strengths. Your body should be based on the activities you have been involved in, your personal experience in particular spheres- all these facts should reveal your strong and positive personality.
Be organized. The structure of your personal experience essay will show how organized, thus responsible, you are.
Personal experience essay is important not only for your final grade, but for the personal evaluation of your own strengths and weaknesses. And who knows, maybe, this personal experience essay will make you change your life?!
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