Reference: Single-Author Book & Part of a Book (APA)

Alverez, A. (1970). The savage god: A study of suicide. New York: Random House.
Garner, B. A. (2003). Garner's Modern American Usage. New York: Oxford University Press.
Notice that words like "University" and "Press" are not abbreviated (unlike the MLA style, in which such words are abbreviated without a period), but abbreviations such as "Co." and "Inc." are omitted. Notice, too, that the period after the title is part of the italicized portion of the citation.
If the material cited is from a foreword, preface, introduction, or afterword, list the name of the author of the book element you are citing. Follow the date (which might be different from the actual publication date) with the name of the element, the title of the book, and, in parentheses, the page number or page range on which the element appears (with p. or pp. to indicate page or pages)
Pepin, R.E. (2003). Introduction. Selected Poetry of Charles Darling: 1977–2002 (pp. iv–xxii). Colchester, CT: Colophon Books.

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