Dissertation Coach – your Enemy or an Ally?

Dissertation Coach – your Enemy or an Ally?The process of writing a dissertation is rather complicated, so, no wonder, a dissertation coach is assigned to every student writing this paper. Dissertation coach is a person who will provide you with necessary consultations on the process of writing, moreover, he/she is supposed to supervise and monitor your outputs. So, your dissertation coach is really a “good guy”, who should support you throughout the writing process.
Then why do students fear to approach their dissertation coaches? Why do students avoid meeting their dissertation coaches, thinking that ’they will only give us a hard time’?
Consultations with your dissertation coach
The main reason why many conflicts between dissertation coaches and students appear is because students are not sure what questions they should ask, and teachers often lack the patience and loyalty to find out how they can help. Here are some important questions that you should always ask your dissertation coach:
What dissertation writing style/format should be used in this paper?
What literature sources are recommended for writing this dissertation?
What is the deadline for submitting the dissertation?
When does your dissertation coach have consultation hours for you to visit him/her again with further questions?
Did you choose a good dissertation topic and a researchable thesis statement?
What is the required length of your dissertation?
*If you can think of some other good questions to your dissertation coach, you can surely add them on the list.
The main thing that you should realize while working with your dissertation coach is that he/she is a usual person who expects you to listen to his/her advice and cooperate with you during the whole dissertation writing process.
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