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A core curriculum is a set of common courses required by a college for its students. It is designed to introduce a variety of disciplines to develop a more well-rounded education. Whether the class is English 101 or Freshman Composition, the institution considers it an essential building block. The litmus test for most professors teaching core curriculum is generally requiring students to complete essays or papers on a given topic to prove their comprehension of subject matter.

Practically every class, including some of the math classes you may take, requires that you understand the basics of grammar and how to construct a term paper or essay. But if a professor expects you to write the composition in a particular style and you have no idea how to proceed, you will have a problem. Style details very specifically how the composition is to be written; it concerns formatting, grammar and citations.

The formatting aspect of style is the actual appearance of the completed paper. Simply stated, there is a direct correlation between style and the professionalism of the paper. Font type and size, margins, how the first page will look, page numbering and indentation are all part of an assignment’s format.

Grammar concerns the language usage the paper is required to follow. For most of the styles presented on this site, the grammar will be standard American English. However, every style has a manual and every manual has preferences for some convention of grammar that is not specific in the language.

Probably the most critical function of a style manual is to inform the writer how to present copied information. Since all institutions have strict policies against plagiarism, it is imperative to give the originator of any thought credit for the original work they have created. This credit is given in two ways. In-text citations clearly delineate who the author(s) is and, depending on the particular preferences of the style, either a page number, a date or both. Every in-text citation must be linked to a reference or cited work that is further specified on a subsequent bibliography page.

There are seven different styles outlined on this web site that are the most popularly used today. The most frequently assigned styles used in college are APA and MLA. These two have specific uses and are assigned according to the preference of the instructor. For whatever style you use, there are only a few simple guidelines to follow in order to get the paper looking the way the teacher wants it. A list of formats used by the professional writers at Essaywritingcompany.com follows this article.
If this article has imparted only one concept to you, remember to properly format your paper’s references.

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