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Good Dissertation Research – Perfect DissertationIt is obvious that to write a good dissertation you should conduct profound dissertation research. Dissertation research should be finished long before you start writing a dissertation itself. In this article we will describe the stages that dissertation research consists of.
It may sound commonplace, but dissertation research starts with choosing a topic for your dissertation. If you know the exact topic, you are able to think about the materials that you will need to cover it.
At the next stage of dissertation research you will be searching for materials. They can be various and you can look for them in all possible places. But first, try to go to the library. Ask the librarian to help you and he or she will show you all the literature that is available on this topic. Add to your dissertation research sources the Internet. You will find not only some electronic sources, but also loads of past dissertations that can be really helpful.
When you find enough materials, you can move on to the next stage of dissertation research. Now you should start reading and analyzing. Do not forget to make notes, because it is impossible to keep all that information in your head. Maybe there will be some interesting ideas that will come to you and you will use them in the dissertation.
Finally, you can make a summary of dissertation research. Think whether you have enough information to write your dissertation and whether it will allow disclosing the topic fully. If you feel that not all the questions of your dissertation got their answers, you should carry on dissertation research.
Take into consideration that all the stages of dissertation research can be discussed with your advisor. You definitely should get some instructions from him or her in order to conduct effective dissertation research.
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