Economics Thesis

Economics ThesisVery often, Economics thesis writing turns out to be an intimidating piece of work for the majority of students. A good Economics thesis requires your complete objectivity and has little room for subjectivity. The most important thing about an Economics thesis is to analyze statistical data correctly. If you did not manage to interpret it rightly, your Economics thesis is doomed to failure.
Are you dreaming about an honorary seat on the board of Oxford’s economic department? Then you will have to work hard on your Economics thesis. But first and foremost, you should think of something that interests you, something that you can come up with 30-40 pages of writing – you should decide on a topic of your Economics thesis. Here is the list of possible Economics areas you may choose for your research:
Asian Economic Theory;
International Economics;
Environmental Economics;
Economics and Law;
Microeconomic Theory;
Comparative Economic Systems.
Once you have decided on your Economics thesis topic, collect the sources that might help you cover it. If the sources are not enough, you may apply to the Fellowships that usually provide financial support to investigate a certain topic. You just have to persuade them that if you get the necessary sources, you will make a great contribution into the development of Economics.
Then comes your analysis of the sources collected. Take notes to make a plan of your Economics thesis. Do not forget to visit your supervisor from time to
time to make sure you are doing a good job.
What you have to reveal in your Economics thesis is your research and analytical abilities and critical thinking. A good Economics thesis is based on original research, so, show to everyone you are worth something by presenting the discovery you have made.
In conclusion, we cannot but wish you a good luck with writing your Economics theses!
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