What You Should Know to Get a Dissertation Award

What You Should Know to Get a Dissertation AwardDo you know that for your dissertation you can get not only a degree, but also a dissertation award? Yes, you have understood everything right. You can get a certain sum of money for your hard work. There are special national organizations and fellowships that give grants. Definitely, real scientists do not write their dissertations in order to get a dissertation award. However, even for them it is a good stimulus.
If you also want to get such stimulus as a dissertation award, I have to warn you: it is really hard to get. First of all, there are too many other young scholars who dream of getting a dissertation award. Second, you should have strong evidences that you are a reliable person to be given a dissertation award.
Here you will find useful information on the whole process.
You have to fill in special application forms. You should give detailed information about yourself and your project. Thus, a committee has an opportunity to choose the most motivated and promising people.
To be eligible for a dissertation award, you have to be a citizen of a country that is going to give you a grant. It can also be vice versa. You have to be a citizen of a particular foreign country.
If you want to get a dissertation award, you should have other scientific achievements. Give the information on all the awards, diplomas or certificates that you have previously received.
You will not get a dissertation award if you are not going to connect your future career with further researches or teaching.
The final step of the whole process is an interview. Here you will have to do your best and show the committee that you are the right person to get a dissertation award.
As you can see, it is not that easy to get a grant for your dissertation. There will be a lot of candidates expecting to get the same award and you have to show that you are really the best.
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