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Personal EssayEvery time you want to participate in a program, you have to introduce yourself and present the most important info about who you are to the committee. So, you will have to write a personal essay, telling about your qualities that will help the committee choose exactly you.
Before you start writing your personal essay, brainstorm and answer the following questions:
What qualities single you out as a personality?
Why have you made up your mind to apply to this very program?
What fields are you interested in?
How did you find out about this program?
What personal experiences you possess can enhance the possibility to succeed in this field?
Why do you think the admission committee should prefer you to somebody else?
When starting to write the first draft of your personal essay, make the introductory paragraph a bit provoking and exclusive. You may start your personal essay with any joke for the committee to get interested in you. Your personal essay is not the first one that will be read by the committee, so try to express your words extraordinarily.
Now, let us present you the personal essay tips on writing your personal essay:
Express your thoughts as briefly as possible. The committee should understand what you mean without racking their brains, so state your thoughts clearly in your personal essay;
Tell only the truth about yourself in your personal essay. Sincerity has always attracted people. So, if you are honest, you may certainly be noticed;
Focus on your best qualities. Still, it should not oppose the previous point;
Do not be shy to say that you are worrying. Everyone tends to be anxious.
Remember that you should follow the structure while your personal essay writing. And good luck with your personal essay!
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