Need a Thesis Report?

Need a Thesis Report?After you have written a thesis, you will definitely need to defend it. To do this you will have to make a thesis report. Any thesis report is a compressed description of your thesis, but still there are some obligatory rules according to which you are to write your thesis report.
By and large your thesis report is an introductory part of your thesis plus conclusions. On the basis of this we can make the whole picture of your thesis report.
Thus, your thesis report should include the following parts:
Subject of the thesis;
Methods, used in the thesis;
Relevance of your research;
Purposes of the investigation;
Compressed summary of your research;
Conclusions, which you have come up to during your exploration.
So, as far as you can see, it is not so difficult to write a thesis report, but do not forget that it should contain all the necessary information concerning the topic of your thesis. You should take into account the fact that not all the members of the defense committee are aware of the subject of your thesis and you are to inform them of the main points of it. Besides, you may provide different handouts to make the defense of your thesis more colorful and you will definitely benefit from this.
To prepare well for the defense, you should read your thesis report aloud; check whether it sounds good or bad, make some necessary corrections and think over the possible questions and decide upon the answers to them. Then you may learn all the definitions of the terminology used in your thesis report, because some members of the committee may ask you to clarify these notions.
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