95 Theses Paper Writing

95 Theses Paper WritingNo matter whether you are a pietist or an atheist, you have an opportunity to state your thoughts about Protestantism and “95 theses” by Martin Luther in your 95 theses paper. Of course, it is nearly impossible to read all 95 theses if you have to accomplish 5 more written assignments for your classes.
What you have to do is to think of possible cheating. For example, you may find online books devoted to “95 theses” and read them. You may interview the representatives of the Evangelical Church. The results of your conversation with a priest or churchmen can be a good basis for making your 95 theses paper.
Now that you are informed enough, you may get down to writing your thesis paper. Your 95 theses paper will certainly consist of 3 main parts: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion.
Introduction of your 95 theses paper will provide general information on the document created by Martin Luther. It should contain a certain thesis statement that will be supported by vivid and real examples along with the results of the interview conducted in the Main Body of your 95 theses paper;
Main Body of your 95 theses paper will reflect your research procedure. In order to support your thesis statement or research question, you may use different visuals that can be made in a form of tables and schemes;
Conclusion of your 95 theses paper should present what you have come up to after having analyzed the information gathered. It should summarize all results and present the final conclusion of your research.
Do not forget to proofread your 95 theses paper and correct all mistakes. You do not want your tutor to notice them. Merge into the work you are doing and you will certainly make it perfectly.
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