Dissertation Format

Dissertation FormatEvery kind of written papers should be formatted. When it concerns a dissertation paper, certain rules come into force, and every dissertation writer should follow them.
When we talk about a dissertation format, we mean the patterns of citing, referencing, abbreviation, page numbers, title page, etc. Within most of the academic institutions a dissertation format is usually paid much attention too. The grade on a dissertation can be much pulled down because of the dissertation format mistakes.
As a rule, the style of a dissertation format depends on the area of research you are dealing with. If your project relates to exact sciences and Psychology, your dissertation format will certainly be APA, if your paper is on humanities, MLA dissertation format is required. So, let us present you the main rules of each of the dissertation format styles:
APA dissertation format means that you should insert quotations into the text of your paper and cite them. APA dissertation format implies double-spacing, 1 inch margins on all sides and presence of a page header in the upper right-hand corner of the page;
MLA dissertation format means that your document will be written on a white 8,5×11 inch paper with a legible font and foot/endnotes placed on a separate page before the list of references. The margins of your dissertation should also be 1 inch on all sides.
Besides the dissertation formats presented above, there are formats related to other studies. For instance, if you are studying at the Medical Department and your dissertation is related to medicine, your dissertation format will certainly be MPA.
Anyway, before formatting your dissertation, make a copy of the requirements for the style required and follow them while writing your dissertation paper. Be careful! A single mistake, if being an essential one, can yield a serious violation.
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