Catching Topic for Your Term Paper in History

Catching Topic for Your Term Paper in HistorySo, you were assigned to write a term paper in History. Now you are sitting and thinking: “What topic of my term paper in History will stun my tutor and all the readers?” It is actually the right question and it is a question that all the students should ask themselves before writing a term paper.
Such a thought in your head is almost a half of your way to the term paper that will be successful. History is full of various events and important dates. Thus, it can be difficult to choose something that would really grab the attention of the reader.
Still, there is a perfect topic that we have saved up for a term paper in History and it is exactly what you may need. This topic is devoted to the repressions in the USSR.
USSR is a country that does not exist any more. However, some time ago it was one of the most powerful countries in the world. It had an enormous territory, huge population, great natural resources, and strong industrial and military complexes. Together with the United States, Soviet Union was ruling the whole world.
At the first glance, it seemed that all people living in the USSR were happy and proud of their country. If you talk to somebody from those generations, they would say they are completely miserable now. And this is the biggest paradox, since the USSR has never been a democratic country. This is what we are going to discuss for your term paper in history.
Yes, there were many people who lived their happy patriotic lives, but there were much more of those who were suffering from the unbearable dictator principles that were the means of keeping power and control over people’s life.
So, the topic of our term paper is the repressions in the USSR. Here are some facts for you that can help you write this term paper.
In the term paper on this topic, you can say that the repressions began in the Soviet Union since the establishment of the “red power” or, if to be more precise, straight after the October Revolution. A lot of people did not want to accept the new rules of life that were actually very severe. According to the main communist principle, everybody should be equal. Definitely, smart and intelligent people realized all the nonsense of such ideas and tried to fight somehow or, at least, express their protest. These people were cruelly exterminated. They were just killed or imprisoned for very long sentences.
In the term paper on the repressions, you can tell about the different forms that the repressions took. You can tell in the term paper about the political repressions that were mostly aimed at the intelligentsia, these were people whose political views were the most dangerous for the communist power.
You can tell about the cruelest period of the repressions in the term paper that is called “ezhovshchina”. It was called so after one of the soviet politicians Nikolai Ezhov. It was a period when millions of innocent people were imprisoned or shot without no investigation or trial. Even the relatives of so-called national enemies suffered the repressions simply because of the fact they were relatives.
In the term paper on this topic, you should definitely tell about the phenomenon of GULAG. This is a short name for the huge system of the prisons within the territory of the USSR. It can even be a separate topic for the term paper. One of the Russian writers called GULAG an archipelago with its own laws and life.
When your tutor sees the term paper on such a topic, he/she will have nothing to do but give you a high grade. I guess the term paper on the repressions in USSR is not a common topic for the American students and, perhaps, you will be the first to talk about that.
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